Autogenic training according to Schultz

What is autogenic training?

Autogenic training is one of the most widely used, scientifically proven and highly effective method of relaxation, stress decomposition and bringing the body into balance and optimal energy state. It belongs to classical methods of relaxation that helps us deal with stress and its consequences more easily. Its success was confirmed by its performance in the prevention of various psychosomatic diseases caused by stress (headache, sleep difficulties, cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure…).

The method by which you can achieve a relaxed state, with ease and at the very thought. It is learned in advance, so that we could get into the good condition before a stressful moment. It is also used as a prevention and may be applied by all the people, young and old, sick and healthy. Doctors prescribe Autogenic training in many countries of Western Europe for preventive purposes, and health insurance companies provide their policyholders with this free education.

How did the autogenic training according to Schultz originate?

The method was developed by the Berlin psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Johannes Heinrich Schultz in ‘20s of the last century. By doing hypnosis, he found out that in a relaxed state any suggestion was possible and experienced more intensely. In this way we can adopt what is good for our health by autosuggestion, and improve our quality of life. We can suggest to ourselves “I learn with ease”, “I’m doing everything relaxed”, “I can fall asleep easily”, “I have the right to happiness”…

How to learn Autogenic training?

This method is learned under the guidance of a licensed trainer of educators and through daily exercise at home. It is learned in groups or individually, once a week for a period of 90 minutes. 8 weeks, i.e. meetings. During the training, attention is directed to the body and its own internal affairs. The coach pronounces the formula out loud, and listeners tend to experience the suggested. Certain short, monotonous and accurate lines are being repeated, always at a well-established order, for better self-control. By using these suggestions, a positive impact on physical and mental functions is achieved. Classic Autogenic training by Schultz includes seven basic exercises: peace, weight, warmth, breathing, heart, stomach, forehead, tongue and jaw (by Klaus Thomas).

Changes are suggested when the body is in a state of complete relaxation and can be affected by certain processes in the body such as breathing, circulation, sensation of warmth and weight… By impacting one part of the body, relaxation can be extended to the whole body. Complete muscle relaxation is achieved, circulation improved, breathing slowed down, with positive effects on the heart rate, stress reduced and sleep improved. The effects achieved can be compared with the effect of sleep, because the person feels refreshed and rested after the training. It develops awareness of the capabilities and power that the mind has over our body and its functions.

The advantage of autogenic training can also lay in the fact that a person is actively working on oneself, without necessarily telling the personal problems. When well-versed in this, you gain the ability to consciously and actively govern your own reactions and feelings within minutes, and you have more self-control in a variety of life situations when you want it.