Coaching is a driving process of personal and professional growth and development in order to improve personal skills and capabilities of the client. Human potentials for overcoming the current framework are activated and developed. It is focused on new solutions in the present and the future. The adoption of new skills and styles of behavior, stimulation of motivation, change, determination to achieve the best personal and business results and excellence. It is a support to a happier, more successful, healthier and more relaxed way of working and living.

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What are the benefits of coaching?

  • Expansion of the current framework;
  • Visible positive changes in all areas of life;
  • Easier defining and achieving of your goals;
  • Boosting performance;
  • Finding new solutions;
  • Increase of life joy;
  • Clearing blockages, negative emotions and conditions;
  • Achieving the best results;
  • Strengthens self-esteem, confidence, concentration, motivation, etc.;
  • Changing your limiting beliefs and behaviors;
  • Expanding your capacities;
  • Activating and developing personal skills and talents;
  • Achieving balance and harmony;
  • Developing creativity;
  • Defining your values and priorities;
  • Developing new environmental strategy.

Where is coaching applied?

  • Stressful conditions, insecurity, negative emotions, trauma, etc.;
  • Poor communication with self and the environment;
  • Lack of motivation, self-confidence, concentration, creativity, etc.;
  • Difficulties with defining an objective;
  • Unsolvable situations;
  • Loss of sense, identity, motivation;
  • General dissatisfaction and lack of motivation;
  • Blockades;
  • Inability to take responsibility;
  • Postponing of decision-making;
  • Inability to finish what you started;
  • Resolving conflicts, dilemmas;
  • Crises;
  • Health promotion.

What is the role of a coach?

  • The coach – client relationship is a partnership;
  • You are lead through the process by questions in direct communication;
  • Client defines the subject of work and what he/she wants to achieve;
  • Coach guides the client through the process of setting powerful questions, without going into the content;
  • Coach provides support in the process of activation and development of the potential;
  • Coach does not provide answers, advice, conclusions, or opinion;
  • Coach follows the development of the client;
  • Guarantees confidentiality, trust, and maximum commitment;
  • The session lasts for one hour.

What is expected from the client?

  • Defining the subject and work area;
  • Openness;
  • Willingness to change;
  • Responsibility for the success and implementation of agreements.

The world around us is the mental equivalent of what is inside of us. By changing ourselves, we are changing the world around us.