Health Coaching

It is directed to the preservation and improvement of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level of health. Research has shown that 95% of all our disease is caused by psychosomatic disorders and imbalance. All our diseases such as asthma, cancer, influenza, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, bone fractures… come and go in our head, as a disruption of our consciousness balance. There are no incurable diseases. There are only incurable people.

Stress has become an epidemic of contemporary hectic life and one of the leading causes of all diseases of the 21st century. Business people are among the most susceptible and it is becoming a serious problem of modern society. The term “managerial illnesses” is on the rise and they are caused by mental work overload. Too much work, too big responsibility, without sufficient rest are leaving consequences. Constant fatigue, unhealthy diet, lack of sleep and too little exercise are only a part of bad habits of a modern person. There’s less time for what is most important – health care.

Negative environment and energy, poverty and unemployment, have a bad influence on the general climate in society. Growing up in an unstable country, family and the environment in general, are prerequisites for the formation of a variety of symptomatology and illnesses. All our burdensome, undigested and negative conditions, experiences, emotions, beliefs … are in our subconscious as “mental garbage” and block the flow of energy in some part of the body. That is, our every emotion has its localization in the body. Thus begins the energy imbalance first, then at the imbalance at cellular level, causing certain symptoms, then becoming a disease if not treated properly. Often symptomatic therapy is prescribed, which treats the symptom, or the result, whereas the cause remains. This only masks the real condition.


Myostatic O-ring test can reveal to us the exact causes of certain illnesses (mental and physical), what is the exact cause of allergies, panic attacks, anxiety, why do we have problems in relationships or at work. Also, it can show whether one of our choices really fits us (business, partner, friend…) or do we just rationally believe that we have chosen well. It can tell us against what we are defending ourselves, what we really want, even when we are not ready to admit it to ourselves…? The possibilities are limitless. It functions to determine the exact causes of the disease, what are they connected with, and what is the best treatment.

After determining the cause, it is immediately decomposed in a way (Wingwave method). After that, the body is transformed and balanced (quantum harmonization). We also work with energy methods (Reiki) that encourage self-healing and rejuvenating.

It is not a therapy of any sort and it does not require analyses. It combines very well and complements the work of the other methods and treatments to achieve complete balance. It is not a substitute for medical methods and treatments, but a prevention and support to health promotion.