Life Coaching

Driving process of development and change designed to enhance the performance in areas of personal life of the client. It motivates and encourages into action, focused on achieving the goals and breaking limits. It inspires into taking new steps in accordance with the client’s goals, beliefs and values. It is directed towards new solutions in the present and future related to personal life, family, friends, partners… where is the person now, where he/she wants to be, and how this can be achieved through one’s own efforts. It encourages personal growth and change.

Where is life coaching applied?

  • Crisis and conflict situations in the family, in relationships, or with friends…;
  • Blocks – mental, emotional, professional…;
  • Poor communication, aggression;
  • Fear of responsibilities;
  • Difficulty to define and achieve objectives;
  • Stress, anxiety, panic attacks, phobias;
  • Limiting beliefs;
  • Failure, lack of motivation, apathy;
  • Problems in partner relationships, intimacy problems, sexual problems;
  • Dilemmas…;
  • Addiction to food, alcohol, gambling, drugs, computers…;
  • Eating disorders: anorexia, bulimia, obesity.

What is the role of personal coach?

  • The relationship with the client is a partnership;
  • Personal coach guides the client through the process by asking questions in direct “one on one”;communication
  • Provides support for the activation and development of client resources;
  • Monitors the development of the client;
  • Guarantees confidentiality, trust, maximum commitment;
  • Duration of a session is about one hour.

What are the benefits of life coaching?

  • Expanding personal potentials;
  • Achieving the best results – in communication, finance, studies, partnerships, art, sport;
  • Overcoming conflicts;
  • Achieving balance and inner peace;
  • Personal growth and development;
  • Removing mental and emotional blocks and limitations;
  • Defining objectives, purposes and personal aspirations;
  • Development of creativity;
  • Adoption of new styles and strategies of behavior;
  • Sense of satisfaction, happiness, motivation.