Quantum harmonization

What is quantum harmonization?

Health is harmony, disease is disharmony. More peace and harmony, more health. Through the harmony that is in you, you get harmony with other people.

Quantum harmonization is a new effective method of immediate balancing and restoring the body to normal. Its application leads to transformation and harmonization of all levels of the organism (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual). It transforms and harmonizes physical or emotional pain, different symptoms, blockades, relationships, work, finances… by creating new opportunities and structure of your reality. The effectiveness and speed of change is what most surprises and confuses people who apply this method. A simple way to achieve deep relaxation, peace and harmony. It is a blend of ancient Eastern spiritual teachings – 2-point method and Western knowledge, modern science – quantum physics and psychology. It is scientifically recognized. The method is among the fastest spreading around the world.

How does the method work?

This method is based on the assumption that human body is condensed energy, which moves at high speed and at different frequencies. Disruption of a frequency leads to an imbalance of energy and this is manifested through various symptoms such as fear, anxiety, insecurity, stiffness, or physical pain. The symptoms are a sign of an imbalance of body or mind. Quantum harmonization corrects the distorted frequencies of electromagnetic waves from bad to good, restoring them to harmony and thus improving physical condition. Biological explanation of this method is that at the time of obtaining the “quantum wave” the nervous system spontaneously enters a state where the old neural connections are destroyed and new ones are created. Quantum waves initiate big positive changes and always go where they are most needed in the body.

How is the treatment performed?

This is performed individually in direct communication directly or remotely, without the use of any apparatus. The client defines the subject. A coach works in a certain way, with two points on the body of the client, initiating quantum waves and balancing all levels of the organism. This is done by a gentle touch, movements or without contact from unlimited distance. The client can stand, sit or lie down. The method is relaxing, and the effects are rapid, visible and measurable. The treatment lasts for 20 – 40 minutes. It encourages self-healing of spirit, mind and body. It can be applied in the work on self or others.

Where is quantum harmonization applied?

  • Imbalance of spirit, mind, body, emotions;
  • Improvement and preservation of physical and mental health;
  • Removal of different symptoms and pain;
  • Emotional instability;
  • Dissatisfaction with work, partner relationships, financial situation;
  • Work improvement;
  • Negative environment.

What is achieved by the treatment?

  • A complete balance and harmony of the body (spirit, mind, body);
  • It encourages self-healing and rejuvenation of the organism;
  • It awakens and develops pure consciousness;
  • Solves and eliminates various symptoms (pain, restricted mobility, insomnia, bad mood);
  • Harmonizes partner, family, business relations;
  • Harmonizes finances and welfare;
  • Brings relaxation, happiness, contentment;
  • Gives the feeling of unconditional love, unity and integrity.

It does not represent any kind of therapy, it does not require analyses, there are no discussions during the session. It combines very well and complements the work of other methods and treatments to achieve complete balance. It is not a substitute for medical methods and treatments, but a prevention and support to health promotion.