Sports Coaching

Sports coaching is aimed at developing athletes, both in top professional sports, as well as beginners. The focus is set on definition of objectives and opportunities, planning the development of a successful sports career, replacing limiting behaviors with new, desirable and successful ones, development of potentials and support.

Through long-term experience of working with top professional athletes we have created and developed a special system of sports coaching which contains the following elements:


  • WORK ON STRESSFUL SITUATIONS – blockages, negative states and emotions, injuries, losses, negative beliefs, conflicts;
  • ACTIVATION AND DEVELOPMENT OF RESOURCES –  security, concentration, precision, confidence, influence, strength, power and winning attitude;
  • ANCHORING OF RESOURCE CONDITIONS – embedding of “triggers” and creating a possibility of instantaneous entry to the required and “desired condition and resource”;
  • PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENT – improvement of each performance until the “Ideal” state, pushing the limits, lifting barriers;
  • MENTAL AND EMOTIONAL CONDITIONING – developing mental power, strengthening positive beliefs and emotions;
  • VICTORIES VISUALIZED – mental games of visualizing matches;
  • ENERGY CONDITIONING – balancing the body’s energy system, balancing the chakras, energizing the body and protection from adverse impacts.

A part of the work with an athlete is taking place in our workspace, and the other on the sports field. Coaching sessions can be done individually or with a team. The package of sports coaching includes several levels, from the first to the seventh, and the athlete chooses to which level he/she wants to go. Positive results are immediately visible and measurable.
The methods we use are: Wingwave, NLP, coaching tools, reiki, magic words, quantum harmonization, subconscious plan, etc. This manner of work in Serbia is a novelty, while in Germany about 1,500 people are doing their coaching work in this way.


One of the best Serbian tennis players Viktor Troicki has improved and perfected his performance, also through our mental coaching. The first time he came to us was in late 2013, after which he quickly returned to the top of the tennis world, after a year of suspension, jumping from 840th to 19th place in the ATP rankings in 2014.

Similar mental coaching methods were used by many athletes who have achieved big success and great results on a global level after that.

  • Dušan Borković – European champion in motorsports
  • Damir Džumhur – The best tennis player in BiH
  • Shooting – world record set in 2013, silver medal in Munich in 2013, and the gold medal in Stuttgart
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – world gold medal won in Los Angeles in 2014, and European gold in Rome in 2013
  • Women Olympic medal-winners
  • Footballers of Red Star, Partizan, Rad and Cukaricki
  • NBA players
  • Water polo team of Serbia and Montenegro
  • Spanish basketball clubs
  • Rally drivers
  • Women handball team of Serbia
  • Women table tennis players of Serbian team
  • Young tennis players, new hopes of Serbia
  • Ballroom dancing silver medalist of Serbia