Team Coaching

Team coaching is a process of support to the team members to achieve the set goals through synergy of individual performance and potential. Through personal and team work and development, a good team atmosphere is created, which encourages creativity, motivation, action and implementation. It focuses on the development of each team member individually and on joint activities.

Application of Team coaching:

  • Companies – definition and realization of team goals, conflict resolution, boosting the performance of team work, team motivation, productivity increase, loyalty and commitment;
  • Sports – potential development, performance improvement, removing barriers and breaking limits, common belonging of team members;
  • Children –  developing team spirit and belonging to a group;
  • Possibility of attitude and perspective change;
  • Raising emotional intelligence of a team;
  • Achieving measurable results (such as setting up team and individual goals, productivity increase, internal and external communications improvement, self-esteem improvement, etc.).