WINGWAVE® – Success method

What is Wingwave®?

Wingwave® is the most effective way to quickly eliminate stress, fear, mental and emotional blockages and achieve certain success. It develops creativity, confidence, mental abilities and emotional flexibility through targeted development of personal resources.

By a small intervention it leads to major shifts in your personal and professional development. It is a “training of emotions” and the process of supporting the development of successful new patterns of behavior on the way to the finish line.
What is achieved with Wingwave®?

  • Certain success;
  • Top results;
  • Realizing the exactly planned results;
  • Immediately eliminates stress, negative emotions and conditions;
  • Prevents the “burn out”;
  • Emotional flexibility;
  • Removes mental and emotional blockages;
  • Expands and activates personal resources;
  • More efficient management of thoughts, emotions and decisions;
  • Reinforces the self-assurance and confidence;
  • Initiates creativity and inspiration;
  • Boosts motivation for change and action;
  • Regulates bad habits (anorexia, obesity, bulimia, cigarettes, gambling, alcohol…);
  • Brings calmness, relaxation and relief;
  • Satisfaction and happiness;
  • Improves energy resources;
  • The full balance of spirit, mind and body.

Whom is it intended for?

  • Persons under stress;
  • People with fears, panic, phobias, anxiety…;
  • Insecure, blocked and demotivated people;
  • Managers, executives, entrepreneurs, beginners
  • Public figures, actors, artists;
  • Athletes;
  • People addicted to food, alcohol, work, gambling, drugs…;
  • People who are in imbalance.

Where is Wingwave® applied?

It is very effective for rapid implementation of changes in:

  • Regulation and decomposition of stress;
  • “Burn out”;
  • Traumatic experience;
  • Emotions control (anger, aggression, sadness…);
  • Panic attacks;
  • Fears (exams, plane, elevator, dentist, insects, death, height, people, disease, public speaking…);
  • Anxiety;
  • Depression, demotivation, loss of will and energy;
  • Phobias;
  • Nervousness (school, exams, auditions, interviews, public speaking…);
  • Mental and emotional blockages;
  • Achieving top results;
  • Preparing athletes for competition;
  • Preparing managers for coping with stress, conflicts;
  • Work on self-esteem;
  • Control of addictions on food (obesity, anorexia, bulimia), work, smoking, gambling, drugs, alcohol…;
  • Encouraging motivation, creativity, concentration;
  • Preparing public speeches, presentations and business meetings;
  • Hyperkinetic and attention deficit disorders;
  • Mental and emotional preparation of athletes;
  • Conflict resolution;
  • Achieving a balance between work and personal life;
  • Resolving permanent procrastination of activities and tasks;
  • Reduction of physical stress in cases of insomnia and fatigue;
  • Consequences of stress in the family, marital stress, or with a partner;
  • Consequences of disappointment in others, verbal conflict, physical abuse.

How is Wingwave® performed?

  • The work is individual in direct communication “one on one”;
  • The sessions last about one hour;
  • One hundred percent success;
  • Constant transparency of the process;
  • The result is immediate, visible, measurable and long-term, there is no need to repeat the session;
  • The client defines the topic of work and how much he wants to talk about the details;
  • The client develops his/her own path to the goal from own ideas, feelings and behavior;
  • The coach guides the client throughout the process to achieve the goal;
  • The cause of stress is accurately established by myostatic test and then decomposed;
  • Three elements are combined:
    –  myostatic test – „O ring“
    –  bilateral stimulation of brain hemispheres – visual, auditory, by touch
    –  Neuro Linguistic Programming – submodalities, anchors, goals…
  • Unpleasant emotions are immediately transformed into pleasant and relaxing;
  • After decomposition of stress causes, coaching of positive resource conditions is performed;
  • It establishes balance and inner peace;
  • It is not psychotherapy or a medical treatment, but a “training of emotions”;
  • It is a licensed coaching method of “Besser -Siegmund” Institute in Hamburg.