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Dr Vesna Danilovac

Doctor & Coach

I have always aspired to do work and live a life that made me feel fulfilled and satisfied. If the meaning and purpose got lost, I would move on. This was the case with jobs, relationships, marriage, friendships... One might think that I do not know what I want. I believe just the opposite was true - I always knew exactly what I wanted. After 4 occupations, a divorce, 5 destinations where I lived, 4 major life meltdowns, and 5 companies where I worked, I have decided to start my own new business.

The question was - WHAT TO DO? I was too young to stop and too old to begin. I was looking for ways to become better after all the life meltdowns and stresses that I have gone through. My search brought me to NLP and people from abroad. They were coaching me. I was fascinated by the speed of the positive change and the results that I have achieved. I started to learn this simple and powerful methods, one after the other, for myself. Very quickly I started applying them in work with other people. That led me to what I'm doing today - coaching.

Thus my new business story started. Creating individually tailored coaching plans for every person and the subject we work on, combining methods that I think would give the best result. In my "coaching tool box" there are over 70 different methods. I'm doing what I love. I love what I do. And then I do not see it as a job, but as a pleasure. I can say that I achieved my lifelong dream. I live in Belgrade, I am working with people something much better than psychiatry, making them happier and healthier. If you believe, you can live your dreams.

Maybe we will meet again in a new business story of mine? I still dream and I want much more. I think that my best time and prime years are yet to come.

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We correct some mistakes by ourselves, but some mistakes correct us.


Dreams come true when we are wide awake.

„Many people achieve what they wanted, but lose themselves during the process.”

Ivo Andrić